Porsche Classic have revealed a special project for one lucky customer. The metallic green Porsche Carrera GT was given a new lease of life by Porsche’s Classic department, the first time it has worked on a Porsche Carrera GT.

The Carrera GT was available in a limited number of colours from launch. Generally, customers chose either Black or GT Silver Metallic with the off Guards Red and Fayence Yellow versions providing some relief from what was otherwise quite a boring choice of colours. Since its launch, owners have applied new paintjobs, however, this is the first time we have seen in Oak Green Metallic.

Oak Green Metallic is a colour which first made it into the Porsche colour pallet in 1978 as a non-metallic colour. We believe that several variants later, Metallic Oak Green emerged in the early 1990’s and has, more recently, been made available on cars like the Porsche 911 R (owned by Walter Rohrl) and the Porsche 911 GT3.

This particular Carrera GT gets the unusual green colour combined with a set of golden magnesium wheels designed to emulate the BBS racing wheels. Porsche have also applied the gold colour to the cylinder heads and gold badging. Inside gets a dual tone colour scheme of wine red metallic with black and grey inserts.

Projects like this Porsche Carrera GT are becoming more and more common as some owners tire of the endless slew of limited production hypercars hitting the market. An analogue hypercar, the Porsche Carrera GT has a special place in some collections as a pure drivers car.

This particular Carrera GT went on show at the Porsche Experience Center Atlanta for RM Sotheby’s exclusive Porsche anniversary auction. If you follow the auction house on social media, you might already have heard some of the staggering process achieved for other Porsche Classic projects over the weekend!

Photo Credits: Owner @Select32 and @meritpartners

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