Hamilton is now a five time Formula 1 World Champion, after sealing the deal at the Mexican GP 2018 where he finished fourth, enough to win the championship. Vettel was his greatest threat, the Ferrari man needed to finish first in order to deny Hamilton a title win. He finished second ahead of teammate Raikkonen.

Verstappen won today’s race, after starting second behind his teammate Ricciardo. The latter retired after his car broke down with a failed power unit.

The top ten at the Mexican GP 2018 were: 1 Verstappen; 2 Vettel; 3 Raikkonen; 4 Hamilton; 5 Bottas; 6 Hulkenberg; 7 Leclerc; 8 Vandoorne; 9 Ericsson and 10 Gasly.

Red Bull started from the front row at the Mexican GP 2018, the first time since 2013. Meanwhile, Hamilton only needed to finish 7th in order to claim the world championship after failing to do so last week at the US GP. Mercedes needs to finish the race with 20 points more than Ferrari in order to win the constructors championship.

The formation lap went well with Ricciardo in the lead, but Hamilton passed Ricciardo from third, went side by side with Verstappen who managed to pull away and put the Red Bull in P1. There was an incident between Magnussen and Stroll that saw him skid into the grass, while Alonso retired at the same time bringing out the VSC for a brief moment.

Hamilton was the first among the leaders to pit, joined by Bottas shortly. The Brit picked up some superofts and rejoined in fifth. Verstappen also made his stop and rejoined behind Raikkonen. Ferrari was leading 1-2 with Vettel in P1. Verstappen was on assault mode, he managed to jump Raikkonen for second, and it was Hamilton who was left to tackle a yet to stop Raikkonen.

Shortly after, Hamilton also passed Raikkonen, and so did Ricciardo. Both Ferraris then made their stops on lap 17/71, Vettel rejoined in fourth and Raikkonen in sixth.

Hamilton was constantly complaining about his tires, and so did Ricciardo but the Red Bull team reassured him that drivers on supersofts struggled at first but the problem cleared after some laps.

“Look after your tyres, there’s a lot of troubles behind,” Verstappen was told by his team.

Sainz’s car prompted a VSC after he stopped on the field and retired. The Toro Rosso was running P8.

“What a f****** joke, these guys,” Ricciardo yelled at the duo of Perez and Leclerc who were batting ahead.

Vettel meanwhile was proving to be quicker than Hamilton, and on lap 39 with the help of DRS he moved past the Brit into P2. Suddenly Perez began to slow down before bring his car into the pits. He retired as a result of brake failure, not a good feeling at his home Grand Prix.

Ricciardo managed to pass Hamilton, but this time the Brit took a trip to the grass while defending his position. Vettel beat him to the pits, and Hamilton also dived in for new tires. Bottas also took a trip to the grass while defending his place from Raikkonen.

After the stops, Verstappen led the race on supersofts, followed by Ricciardo who was yet to stop, and Vettel in third with ultrasofts. Raikkonen was fourth and yet to stop, while Hamilton lay fifth.

Suddenly, Ricciardo’s Red Bull began to smoke from behind. And he fell down the order, Vettel was promoted to second, and Hamilton to fourth.

The final ten laps were cautious from all drivers especially Hamilton who needed to stay above P7. Verstappen went ahead to win the Mexican Grand Prix 2018. Vettel finished second while Raikkonen made it a double podium for Ferrari.

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