Lanzante has put some jaw-dropping cars out into the world, with their most recent project having set a Nürburgring record: the p1 LM. This time, Lanzante is back with another extraordinary car: the P1 GT. Having been unveiled today at the Festival of Speed, the P1 GT traces its roots back to much older times: the McLaren P1 GT conversion is inspired by the iconic 1997 F1 GT Longtail, the homologated roadgoing version of the legendary F1 GTR endurance racer.

If there’s one thing that Lazante will make Senna owners jealous about, it has to be their specular rear wing design. Being the most prominent visual modification to the car, the adjusted rear wing sits high on two extended pylons, and stretches the entire width of the car. Now that’s how a heavy duty wing should look – take note, McLaren. The new hybrid hypercar also features a new exhaust system, bearing similarities of the Bugatti Chiron Sport with its aggressive quad-exhaust pipes. As fierce as the car looks from the exterior, it begets opulence in the cockpit. The entire cabin is doused in a striking dual-tone scheme of leather that matches the Deep Bottle Green exterior.

Unfortunately Lazante has not revealed the technical specifications of the car as of yet, but if the P1 LM is anything to go by, the P1 GT will boast some very impressive performance. The P1 LM produced a mighty 986hp from its turbocharged 3.8-litre V8 and electric powertrain of the P1 GTR. Together with some performance modifications, the P1 GT could reach 1000hp – combine this with the increased downforce of the massive rear wing, and the Lazante sits comfortable amidst most hypercars. For right now it isn’t clear if Lanzante is planning to build additional examples, though there might be two more built aside this particlar model, which was commissioned by a fortunate buyer in the Middle East.

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