If it’s tradition that Bugatti produces automobiles that belong to the most expensive and ludicrous segment of the industry, then it’s unwritten law that the brand always keeps developing cars that are already in production. After its debut at the 2016 Geneva Motorshow, the Chiron has already received a fierce sister: the Chiron Sport. Bugatti however, doesn’t like to rest until all possible niche markets can be satisfied with their Chiron – hence the rumoured unveil of their Chiron Divo.

After private events organized by Bugatti in Los Angeles and New York, rumours emerged of a new limited run of the Chiron in a special guise. Though attendees are required to sign non-disclosure agreements when it comes to seeing Molsheim’s latest accomplishment on wheels, details about the car have started to surface. For what it said to be a car that is “a lot quicker” when it comes to acceleration, a tremendous challenge lies ahead. The ‘standard’ Chiron completes the 0-100 km/h sprint in merely 2.5 seconds, going on to reach 200 km/h in only 6.5 seconds from standstill. Bugatti managed to shave off roughly 18 kilograms from the Chiron’s curb weight with the new Chiron Sport, and apparently the Divo will cut fat furthermore. The Chiron Divo is also expected to feature a racing-grade gearbox that will not compromise its road-legal status.

It seems a bit unrealistic to think that Bugatti can keep cutting weight and improving performance of the Chiron – a car that is at the top of its game already, and has set the bar higher than most manufacturers can reach. So what’s the catch? Well for starters the price: it’s common knowledge that Bugattis cost a pretty penny, but the new Divo is bound to redefine the term ‘expensive’ with its eye-watering $5.8 million price tag. Depending on the amount of units manufactured, that price tag could claim first place in the rankings of the world’s most expensive production car. That’s not the only drawback however: to increase the straight line sprint of the new Divo, it will have to cut back its maximum speed: while the standard Chiron tops out at an electronically limited 420 km/h, the new Divo will ‘only’ reach 385 km/h since the aerodynamic tweaks made to the body will focus on boosting acceleration, to the detriment of maximum speed. This could result in a Bugatti that’s truly engaging to drive on the track, where top speed does not matter nearly as much as acceleration does.

How will the new Divo actually look, and will the upgrade justify the price? Bugatti has only got 500 production units to play around with, so you can be certain they aren’t going to waste any time on a car that doesn’t redefine the extraordinary, as is customary for them.

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