Verstappen has won the Austrian GP 2018, a dramatic race filled with unexpected retirements, key among them being both Mercedes drivers. Verstappen also won the Driver of the Day award, his teammate Ricciardo was not so lucky after he retired. Hamilton was on spot to win the race but team orders faulted him, Bottas retired early in the race only for Hamilton to suffer the same fate in the final laps.

The top ten at the Austrian GP 2018 were 1 Verstappen; 2 Raikkonen; 3 Vettel; 4 Grosjean; 5 Magnussen; 6 Ocon; 7 Perez; 8 Alonso; 9 Leclerc; 10 Ericsson.

Bottas started the Austrian GP from first place, with Hamilton in P2, but the Brit had an incredible start and managed to jump his teammate to take the lead. Raikkonen had tried to jump in between the two Mercedes cars, and in the process Bottas fell into fourth. But Raikkonen ran wide, and passed both Raikkonen and Verstappen to take P2.

Lap 12/71, Hulkenberg’s engine caught fire and was the first retirement of the race. Shortly after, Mercedes told Bottas, “We’ve asked Lewis to increase the pace just so you can create a gap to Verstappen,” only for the pole sitter to slow down himself. “My gearbox is gone,” Bottas told Mercedes, and the team asked him to pull over. Another retirement of the race.

There was a VSC in action, racing was back on lap 16. Under the VSC, Verstappen, Raikkonen, Ricciardo and Vettel made their first stops. Hamilton did not stop and Red Bull was wise to advise their drivers of Mercedes’ strategy. The gap between Hamilton and Verstappen was 13s.

Hamilton made his stop but it wasn’t the best call, he rejoined in fourth just ahead of Vettel. His team clarified that it was their fault, after the world champion asked if he was really fourth. The lead order was now 1 Verstappen; 2 Ricciardo +4.1s; 3 Raikkonen +5.6s; 4 Hamilton +7.3s; 5 Vettel +9.0s.

“I don’t get it guys, I’m not going to be able to pass these guys. We’ve just thrown away a win.” said Hamilton. And shortly after, Vettel passed him for fourth. Another man who was not having a great race ahead was Ricciardo, Raikkonen had passed the Red Bull for second. Ricciardo was also passed by Hamilton.

“I have thrown away the win today. You have the pace to get back through. We trust and believe in you.” Vowles told Hamilton.

Hamilton was constantly complaining about his worn out tires, and at last he was able to pit on lap 54. With his new supersofts, he rejoined in P5 behind Ricciardo. Suddenly on lap 55, Ricciardo began to slow down, saying he lost gear sync. Hartley became the latest retirement of the race after suffering a mechanical problem.

Hamilton was the next man to retire after slowing down with no power on lap 64. With the Brit out, Vettel automatically jumped in the championship lead. This was a double retirement for Mercedes.

Verstappen went ahead to win the Austrian GP 2018, leading Raikkonen and Verstappen for a Ferrari double podium.

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