Apollo, the company which now owns the rights to the Gumpert legacy, recently announced a technical partnership with legendary motor racing specialists HWA. The German company are renowned for their involvement with the construction of the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR.

HWA AG was created in 1998 by Hans Werner Aufrecht, the founder of AMG. When AMG was sold, the motor racing business, today’s Mercedes-AMG DTM team and parts of the vehicles/vehicle components unit were spun off into HWA AG. The company is mostly responsible for Mercedes’ DTM touring car racing project.

HWA AG has also contributed substantially to the development, manufacture and servicing of Formula 3 racing engines as well as the
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3, Mercedes-AMG GT3 and Mercedes-AMG GT4.

HWA GT was also responsible for the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR project which was pre-1998, while the company fell under the AMG brand name.

So what can HWA AG do for Apollo? The press release suggests that the relationship will benefit Apollo with HWA contributing engineering expertise, technologies and world-class facilities. The Apollo “IE” Intensa Emozione is apparently entering its final stage of development, HWA AG will help refine focus on safety, reliability, powertrain calibration and thermal dynamics, including computational fluid dynamics (CFD) work.

The Apollo “IE” Intensa Emozione development program will continue until the end of the year with production of the 10 unit limited production run due to start in 2019.


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