G-Power are renowned for their supercharged BMW models. In recent years, the BMW range has moved away from natural aspirated powertrains and towards turbocharging. For G-Power, this has created a difficulty. The company has had to adapt its offering, and adapt its speciality to cater for turbocharging.

G-Power recently announced that it had developed a 750hp BMW X6 M Typhoon. The Munich-base company has seen success with the BMW X6 in the past and it’s Typhoon bodykit is nothing new. It gives the X6 a wide body look with massive bolt on fenders.

G-Power’s kit includes not just the widened fenders, but also a new front bumper with large air intakes, side rocker panels, door
trim and a new rear bumper. G-Power also offer an additional diffuser made of visible carbon fibre and a Venturi hood. At the rear, a custom titanium exhaust system is fitted with four carbon-coated 102mm tailpipes.

The G-Power X6 M comes with the option of a Hurricane RR forged wheels measuring 23 inches. These high wheels look even bigger when combined with the lowering module which brings the X6 40 millimetres lower at the front and 30 millimetres lower at the rear. The suspension module features nine settings on its shock absorbers.

The 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 gets modified turbochargers, custom downpipes, catalytic converters, and a G-Power V3 performance software. Power hits 750 hp (an additional 175 hp) and 980 Nm of torque (an additional 230 Nm). The top speed now exceeds 300 km/h with a 1⁄4 mile time of 11.5 seconds.

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