We often wonder if there is a standard specification for anything Rolls-Royce makes! The “Bespoke Collective of the House of Rolls-Royce” (their works, no ours), has released details of a new iteration of it’s Black Badge series. The Wraith and Dawn are the latest to receive the treatment and these limited edition models are to be collectively known as ‘The Adamas Collection’.

Just 40 Black Badge Wraiths and 30 Black Badge Dawns will be produced as part of the limited collection. The word Adamas translates into ancient greek, meaning unconquerable or invincible. Rolls-Royce’s press release also references the word diamonds which we believe refers to the archaic use of the word Adamant, the singular use of the word Adamas.

To the cars though. Rolls-Royce have used carbon fibre liberally for both the Wraith and Dawn. The Spirit of Ecstasy is crafted in the black stuff for the first time in Rolls-Royce history. 294 layers of aerospace grade carbon fibre is moulded for 68 hours to create the unique figurine. She sits on a titanium base, vapour blasted and bearing the words ‘Black Badge Adamas’ and the infinity logo.

Mandarin Orange and Cobalto Blue colouring has escaped the interior. For the first time, this Black Badge collection is offered in two tone. The previous Orange and Blue colours have been darkened to create Aphrodite Red over Black and Morpheus Blue over Black. Adamas will be available in either specification. Black grille vanes finish the exterior look.

Inside, is pure opulence. The clock for example has been encrusted with black diamonds. Rolls-Royce have used 88 laboratory-grown diamonds to form the Black Badge infinity symbol. The clock features a carbon fibre back-plate, embellished with machined aluminium chaplets and a polished aluminium inner bezel.

The starlight headliner of the Wraith Adamas features 1,340 individual fibre optic lights configured to form the molecular structure of carbon as it becomes a diamond. The colouring of the headliner will co-ordinate with the colour scheme of the vehicle. Pearlesecent effect leather, a two-tone steering wheel and black leather covers the surfaces. A new dark brushed metal fascia has been fitted.

The photos don’t really do either car justice by the sounds of things. Hopefully we will get a change to see both cars over the summer and will bring you a proper set when we do!

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  1. Four typos in one sentence! Calling copy edit…

    The “Bespoke Collective of the House of Rolls-Royce” (their works, no ours), has released details of a new iteration of it’s Black Badge series.


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