GFG Style and Envision will present a new electric concept vehicle at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. Designed by Fabrizio Giugiaro, the Sybilla Luxury Sedan Concept is intended to combine the comfort of an SUV with the look of a luxury sedan and the dynamics of a sports car. It just so happens that the release coincides with Giugiaro’s 80th birthday celebrations too!

We’ve seen plenty of these types of concept cars at the Geneva Motor Show throughout the years. Invariably, they offer an insight into a new form of technology, cloaked in some thing exotic which is never likely to hit the market.

The Sybilla Luxury Sedan Concept seems much the same. As a four-door sedan, the design is very low, thanks in part to the gigantic greenhouse. At over five metres long and 1.48 metres in height, it is imposing. It features a unique sliding front windscreen which moves forward to create space for the driver.

The car is powered by a concept put forward by Envision, which claims to own the world’s largest Energy Internet of Things (IoT) platform, EnOS, with 100 gigawatts of global energy assets as well as China’s second-largest wind-turbine company. The idea is that the car is supposed to feed the energy grid and provide power to the home. Details on the specifics are understandably scarce!

The name comes from Latin mythology. The word Sibylla references a figure from Latin mythology endowed with the ability to provide answers and predict the future. On a more convenient level, the name might also pay tribute to Giorgetto’s mother, named Maria Sibilla.

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