ABT have released their package for the new Audi RS3 Sportback. Packing an additional 100 hp, the RS3 develops some proper performance. We hope to see it at the Geneva Motor Show which takes place in around a month’s time!

The Audi RS 3 Sportback and the RS 3 Sedan have only recently been available. The ABT Power R package develops the engine control unit and adds a few other pierces including a new exhaust system to release the additional power. In total it makes 500 hp, an increase of 100 hp over the standard model and 40 hp over ABT’s next highest tuning products.

To bring the ride in line with the new-found performance, ABT offer a set of ABT Suspension Springs and ABT Anti-Roll Bars with a special ABT Damper Setup built for the car in cooperation with KW automotive.

An ABT Brake Upgrade Kit is also on offer with 380 mm discs. ABT offer a choice of 19 and 20 inch wheels too with designs including the ABT DR, ER-C, ER-F or FR. Visually, the ABT Audi RS3 Sportback gets a set of glossy black rear skirts, front skirts, an ABT grille, a rear muffler channel and 102 mm double tailpipes finished in matte black.

Inside, ABT offer a range of different finishing upgrades in carbon with ABT branded items such as the integrated entrance lights, gearshift lever badge, and the start/stop button.

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