McLaren is undeniably at the top of their game lately producing some astonishingly impressive road cars at a very fast pace. This time, they are improving what was already a great car: the 570GT. With a new Sport Pack and Design Editions for the more elegant sister of the 570S, McLaren increases their option choices across their diversified range to truly fit every niche market of the Sports Series.

Whilst the 560S also benefits from greater choice of specification and an upgraded range of options, it is really the 570GT that enjoys the most changes, with carbon-ceramic brake discs now standard-fit and a Sport Pack also introduced, allowing customers to specify a 570GT with the same dynamic settings as the 570S Coupé and Spider. This eliminates whatever notion certain people had about the 570GT being the lesser between the two models in terms of driving performance and car handling.

Although the 570GT offers a more relaxed drive than the 570S Coupé (suspension spring rate stiffness is lower and there is a slight reduction in steering ratio for improved stability at higher speeds) McLaren now offers a setup that allows for sharper and more precise dynamic behaviour of the 570S Coupé to be available with the GT bodystyle.
In the new sport pack, the steering rack, damper actuators and uprights are the same as those fitted to the Coupé and Spider, and the adaptive damping, steering and Electronic Stability Control are the same ‘S’ tune. In combination with the Pirelli P-Zero Corso tyres that are included as standard with the Sport Pack, the result is a driving experience that is the same as the 570S Coupe and Spider, at an additional cost to 570GT buyers of €5,500.

Jolyon Nash, McLaren’s Executive Director explains it best: “With the new 570GT Sport Pack, we have reacted to market requests for a 570GT with the driving dynamics of the 570S Coupé. This optional handling package gives the same chassis setup as the Coupé, while retaining the luxurious features, luggage space and looks of the 570GT.”

Five new Design Edition Packs have also been introduced for the 570GT. These combine popular exterior colours with exciting design interiors that best complement them, for a significantly lower price than if they had been specified separately. The new 570GT Design Editions are: Silica White exterior with Saddle Tan and Carbon Black interior; Pacific Blue with Jet Black and Areia (cream); Blade Silver with Natural Tan and Carbon Black; Fire Black with Jet Black and Areia; and Storm Grey with Jet Black and Almond White.

Whereas some manufacturers will release an entirely new car to satisfy the demands of a niche market, McLaren appears to be cleverly releasing ‘upgrade packs’. Not only does this appear to play in favour of the client’s wallet, but it will also save precious time for McLaren to innovate truly new cars.

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