A few years ago, when Devel Motors announced its first car, it was hard to take the Arabian brand seriously. The brand appeared form nowhere, claiming to offer a V16-powered 5,000 hp monster of a hypercar. We heard nothing further and assumed it was vapourware.

Fast forward to the Dubai Motor Show 2017, four years later, and the company re-appears. It’s plans are no less grand this time around either. Three models have been revealed, the Devel Sixteen, the Devel Sixty and the Devel Sixteen Prototype. The Devel Sixty is a completely different model to the other two, an SUV with similarly bold performance claims.

The Devel Sixteen has been fine-tuned by Italian motorsports house Manifattura Automobili Torino, the same company who have also developed the Scuderia Glickenhaus Cameron cars. The headline is the choice of insane power figures with a 2,000 hp V8 version and 3,000 and 5,000 hp versions featuring the V16.

It uses a 12.3 litre V16 engine, said to be bespoke to the Devel Sixteen. It feeds quad turbochargers and has been developed by subcontractor Steve Morris Engines. The engine is certainly real and definitely runs. Whether the Devel shape and the components that connect it to the road will work is another question.

Projected cost for the Devel Sixteen is a cool $1.6 million for the V8 model with V16 models expected to exceed $1.8 million. Deliveries are currently being promised in a year to 18 months..

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