A faster BMW M2 is in the works, we know that much. Until it gets officially unveiled, Manhart Performance have a solution! This is the Manhart MH2 630 Track Edition.

Picture this, you’ve had a BMW M2 a couple of years now. You’ve got used to the performance and you want something more. Manhart have you covered with their Track Edition. Setup as the ultimate street legal ringtool, its sure to impress over the standard M2!

The Manhart MH2 630 Track Edition is no normal BMW M2. It’s had open heart surgery. In place of the 365 hp 3.0 litre inline 6 found in the serial M2, is the 431 hp 3.0 litre inline 6 from the current BMW M4. Turbocharger updates, a new intercooler and a Manhart ECU tune push that output figure north by some 199 hp. In total, the Manhart MH2 630 Track Edition now produces 630 hp!

To help balance and manage the additional performance, Manhart have opted to fit a heavy duty clutch for the 7-speed DCT transmission. In addition, a new stainless steel exhaust system generates a monster soundtrack. At the business end of things, Manhart Performance have fitted a 3-way KW suspension system.

“Once you turn into the first corner you will feel that this car is a proper drivers car. The engine feels
just like it should feel, the steering is super direct and precise and once you brake the car moves all
your inner organs. Eventhough it is street legal you think you are driving a real race car!” said Bar Baruch,
Race driver with Lamborghini GT3 Team.

Aerodynamic additions include four carbon front wings for increased front end downforce. There is a new front bonnet too with dramatic air vents. Moving towards the back, Manhart side skirts and a fresh rear wing complete the package. Manhart have finished this example in a gold racing strip scheme.

Photos by @specgamestrong

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  1. This may give a Zr1 a run for its money on a circuit track…just when I thought Chevy built the newest monster; dollar for dollar, but Manhart M2 is going to be a beast giving all huge sticker price super cars serious issues for less than half the price…m2 being a couple hundred pounds lighter, it’s nimbleness may make up for the 100 hp it’s lacking the zr1 packs…would love too see these two; all cars right now go head to head on a twisty. As a corvette and M fan, would be a pilot cup shredding battle no one would want to miss. Cheers


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