Pirelli has revealed it’s 2018 Calendar and takes things a notch higher by including an all black cast representing an interpretation of Alice in Wonderland, created by fashion photographer Tim Walker. A total of 18 models were included in this year’s calendar with each representing a character from Alice in Wonderland. The cast includes actors, actresses, professional models and musicians.

Djimon Hounsou from Blood Diamonds was most intrigued having started his career as a model before turning to acting. He recalls how hard it was for him trying to make it as a black model, his inclusion to this year’s calendar is a sign of how times have changed. “For a young man coming up, comments like that are shocking and make you feel extremely self-conscious. So I should straighten my nose to look like a white person? It makes you feel schizophrenic. The fashion industry has the worst kind of racial discrimination.” said Hounsou.

In the calendar, Hounsou was cast as The King of Hearts. Duckie Toth was cast as Alice while legendary Whoopi Goldberg was cast as The Royal Duchess. Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyong’o was cast as the Dormouse while P-Diddy represents The Royal Beheader together with Naomi Campbell. You can see the full cast of models here.

Diddy has quotes from Alice in Wonderland tattooed on his bicep and went ahead to praise Pirelli for this year’s theme and cast. “This has been the most phenomenal moment for diversity [in fashion]. We were born kings and queens. These images should have been shown a long time ago.” he said.

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