Bugatti set a new world record with Chiron back in September after completing a 0-400-0 km/h run in 41.96s, and a 0-400km/h in 32.6s. Barely a month later rival Koenigsegg has responded to that record with the Agera RS which has chipped away the Chiron’s time by 5s, they completed the 0-400-0 km/h run in just 36.4s and the 0-400 km/h run in a blistering 26.8s.

Koenigsegg even brags a little by saying the 0-400-0 km/h record is something they have been planning for the Regera, their current top model, but ended up “trying” it with the Agera RS instead. That said, we expect the Regera to surprise us even more.

They used a customer’s Agera RS to set the record, this particular car is destined for the US once the final touches are done. They had to use an industrial tape all around to protect sensitive parts from flying debris during the record attempt. Speaking of the record, the team had initially planned to do it on September 30th through to October 2nd at the Papenburg test facility in Germany where this car was first spotted, but bad weather forced them to change location and postpone it.

They managed to secure the Vandel airfield just 4 hours away from the Koenigsegg factory on October 1st, upon which they successfully completed their run to set a new world record.

Here are the Agera RS vs Chiron stats:

Agera RS: 36.4s
Chiron: 41.9s

Agera RS: 26.8s
Chiron: 32.6s

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