About a year after the successful opening of the first Pirelli PZero World in Los Angeles, USA, Pirelli introduced their concept of a stylish and boutique-like tire shop to the vibrant city of Munich, Germany. Centrally located at Hanauer Strasse 42 Europe’s first P Zero World blends in perfectly at an area where many German car manufacturers such as BMW, Audi, Porsche and Mercedes are close by and therefore the concentration of premium cars is very high.

Mainly but not exclusively aimed at prestige customers Pirelli supplies both original equipment and replacement tires. It is the unique experience of receiving quality service when purchasing high end products while enjoying a beautiful environment and a good cup of Italian coffee that is going to drive customers to P Zero World Munich. But the P Zero World is not just about getting a fresh set of rubber. Just like the new Pirelli P Zero tire with its perfect fit strategy for each car, customers can experience every aspect of the Pirelli brand from Formula 1 to the Pirelli calendar at P Zero World Munich.

Innovative products such as the P Zero Color Edition Line and the Pirelli Connesso platform play a key role in the customer experience at P Zero World, where the general idea of a tire store is drastically redefined. Let’s have a closer look at the Pirelli Connesso platform: tires are equipped with a sensor that constantly monitors important data such as tire pressure and tread wear and sends that information to a control unit in the car. That information is processed and then immediately shows up in the customer’s mobile app. If the customer is in need of a tire replacement, the nearest dealer is only one tap away and most likely already informed in advance, so everything is ready, when the customer arrives making for a very convenient experience.

As one would expect, Pirelli gathered some of the finest sportscars for the inauguration event and put them on display in front of the black and yellow designed building with the panoramic glass windows. Those cars ranged from the new Bentley Continental Supersports and the brand new McLaren 720s to the equally new Ferrari 812 Superfast, which certainly did a good job drawing attention. A RedBull Formula 1 racing car completed the speedy group. Coming Monday October 2nd 2017 Pirelli P Zero World Munich is going to open its doors for their first customers. The unique concept of the PZero World will most likely attract a large part of the premium and prestige customers to Hanauer Strasse and we will not be surprised to see more of those flagship stores popping up in other metropolises such as Tokyo, Melbourne or London in the near future.

The Pirelli Roadtrip – Part 1

Bentley Continental Supersports

Is there a better way to experience the new P Zero than to drive aforementioned supercars equipped with Pirelli’s high performance tire on a mix of German Autobahn and twisty country roads? Hardly. That’s why Pirelli set us up the next morning to go on a fantastic tour from Munich to the foothills of the Alps and back.

Luckily we were allotted the Bentley Continental Supersports for the morning part of the tour. As soon as we left the city of Munich behind, the car was in its absolutely best habitat, the German Autobahn. Powered by a twin turbocharged 6.0 litre 12 cylinder engine and 710 hp with over 1000 Nm of torque the acceleration inside the highly sound insulated cabin felt like sitting on the top of a rocket, ready for take off. The car passes the 200 kmh mark after just 11.7 seconds from a standstill. Very impressive, especially considering that it a curb weight of 2280 kg needs to be pushed forward by the W12 engine.

Damper stiffness can be changed in 6 different stages, however we were missing a sport button for a more responsive steering and in general a more sporty driving setup. What works, however, is to put the gearbox in S and whenever we stepped off the accelerator some amazing pops and bangs shoot from the otherwise sonorous sounding exhaust. Coming closer to the Alps we soon left the Autobahn and made our way past some of the amazing lakes close to the mountains and followed the twisty roads to our lunch destination at Tegernsee lake. Although the 2280 kg are clearly felt on those roads it is fair to say that even under these circumstances the Bentley Continental Supersports is a lot of fun and not only is it great for long (and fast) Autobahn distances but also on empty b roads.

The Pirelli Roadtrip – Part 2

Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

Luck was on our side once again when we were allotted our car for the second part of the tour: With the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, we could not have wished for a better choice. Immediately we took the roof down and enjoyed the sound of the V10 awakening.

Cruising along Lake Walchensee on our right and the rugged Karwendel mountains on our left we enjoyed the repercussions of the V10 in Corsa mode. As we had fallen in love with the pops and bangs from the Bentley Supersports already, the Huracan Spyder in Corsa mode excelled those moments of joy by far. Also the Lamborghini felt a lot more at home on the twisty mountain roads while we headed back to the Autobahn. Surely there is no better place to drive a convertible than empty b-roads surrounded by mountains and lakes.

Before entering the Autobahn we decided to put the roof back up, but we found that tiny little button in the center console, which opens the small little window in between the back rest ouf our seats. This little window open enabled us to enjoy the amazing V10 roaring all the way up to 300 kmh on the Autobahn without turning deaf because of the wind noise. Only a short time later we reached the Pirelli P Zero World in Munich again and happily returned the Huracan while we enjoyed another cup of great Italian coffee. Thank you Pirelli for the invitation and we will hopefully be back in Munich very soon. Also check out our video of the first Pirelli P Zero World in Los Angeles.

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