After a drawn out series of teasers, British sportscar manufacturer TVR has released its first brand new car in 10 years. It revives a name first used in 1991. The original Griffith ceased production in 2002. The new Griffith picks up where it left off.

The formula is familiar TVR territory. Big V8 up front, power to the rear, challenging design and ambitious interior! With backing from powertrain specialists Cosworth and an innovative chassis care of Gordon Murray, the new TVR Griffith has promise.

TVR have announced a 5.0 litre V8 to power the Griffith. It allegedly features 480 bhp and a 1,250 kg weight rating. This should be enough for a 200+ mph top speed and a sub four-second 0 to 60mph time. The gearbox comes via specialists Tremac, a six-speed manual rated to 700lb ft at up to 7500rpm.

In terms of looks, there are a variety of interesting features including a set of side exit exhausts which allow for a flat rear floor. The bodywork is designed by relatively unknown designer David Seesing. It features massive side brakes vents, a double bubble roof and an eye catching rear.

Gordon Murray’s contribution comes in the form of iStream, the carbon composite body is fitted over a steel and aluminium chassis with carbon composite panels bonded to the frame for additional strength. It should allow for impressive levels of torsional rigidity and perfect 50:50 weight distribution.

In true TVR tradition, the interior is unconventional! It features a TFT instrument binnacle, rotary controls for the air-conditioning and a keyless ignition system together with floor-mounted aluminium pedals.

It will be priced from £90,000 in the UK with 500 Griffith Launch Editions scheduled for production in late 2018. The first deliveries expected in early 2019. Shortly after, TVR dealers will be inundated with warranty repairs!

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