With the luxury sedan market at its zenith and top-tier manufacturers striving to become the biggest seller in the game, Maserati does not want to miss out. With the recent unveil of the BMW M5, the Mercedes-AMG 4-door coupe imminent for production unveil, and Porsche receiving praise and acclaim for their latest Panamera, it is important for other manufacturers to keep up with the brisk pace, should they wish to keep profits high. Maserati first produced their Ghibli sedan four years ago now, and the Italian manufacturer found it time for a facelift. Evolution rather than revolution is the name of the game here.

Unveiled ahead of its Chengdu Motor Show 2017 in China, The Ghibli GranLusso is Maserati’s attempt of breathing new life into their prominent model. The upgrades come in terms of design, but most notably in technological aspects too. The GranLusso now features advanced driver-assistance systems – a vague term that has yet to be elaborated upon, but certainly sounds promising. According to Maserati’s latest press release these systems will enable the GranLusso “to enter the world of autonomous driving” to some extent. The GranLusso will also benefit from some adaptive full LED headlights with glare free Matrix High-Beam, providing a distinctive look and even better illumination.

On the outside the changes to the Ghibli will only be noticeable to connoisseurs, but the aesthetic upgrades are very welcome nonetheless. The GranLusso showcases a new front fascia with chrome inserts on the bumper, and a new front grille with chrome bars, in line with the latest Maserati models style signature. From the side, the GranLusso badge at the bases of the front fenders and body colour side skirts, set it apart from its older forerunners. At the rear is new bumper, which together with the body colour rear extractor, is elegantly redesigned to give a sharper look to the model compared to the previous version. All in all, these styling cues contribute to substantial improvements of the aerodynamic efficiency. Expect to see some performance upgrades therefore too once the full specifications and details are revealed.

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