Home Breaking News 2018 BMW F90 M5 Leaked, Offers 4WD and 2WD Setups

2018 BMW F90 M5 Leaked, Offers 4WD and 2WD Setups

The 2018 BMW M5 is scheduled to debut tomorrow. In time honoured fashion though, pictures have leaked online ahead of the official reveal. The leak comes via a Korean outlet who posted a video to YouTube earlier today showing a variety of photos of both the inside and outside of the monster sedan.

The photos reveal and M5 that gets the traditional M Performance front grille with deep air vents and an upright grille. Side vents are similar to the vents seen on the M4 and M2 whilst the wheel arches are swollen. The new side mirrors are also distinctive.

The BMW M5 is expected to get an all-wheel-drive system with a true rear-wheel-drive mode. The benefit of an all-wheel-drive system is the added performance edge, some are saying it will manage a staggering 3.3 second sprint to 100 km/h and around 610 hp from its 4.4-litre V8.


The gearbox will be a conventional auto gearbox (the new ‘M Steptronic’ gearbox) rather than the previous dual-clutch. It should help achieve a 26.9 mpg economy figure whilst also coping with the power better than the old unit.

We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out for sure but it certainly looks an exciting package.



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