We’ve all came across those pictures and videos: your dream car, in a beautiful spec, that’s just been delivered to their proud customer. Pictures and videos of the car start flooding the internet, and you can’t get enough of it. But not one single picture really stands out. Of the car, that likely has an MSRP north of a million euros, there only exist pixelated and unfocused images with a shabby backdrop. Don’t you think a car worth its weight in gold deserves to be captured with adequate gear?

Well, that was the reasoning behind Richard Thompson’s photoshoot in New York, of the pristine Pagani Huayra BC. A car that costs around €2.5 million, and is limited to only 20 units warrants a photoshoot of equally epic proportions. As you’ll unlikely never come across a random car costing that ludicrous sum of money, it is as uncommon to come across a shoot where a camera costing over $50,000 is used.

Above is video of the behind the scenes, showing just how one goes about photographing a Huayra BC with a Phase One XF 100MP. In preparation, Thompson spent two months pre-visualizing how to do the Huayra BC justice on picture, and came up with shots that couldn’t be made in one single location. So, he decided to shoot different portions in one location and combine them during his edit. The shoot was held under the Long Island railroad, which isn’t the safest of neighbourhoods. In true Pagani-havoc style, the city required that Thompson had police protection for the duration of the shoot.

Photography: Richard Thompson

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