A curious paintjob for the owner of a pristine Ferrari 488 GTB in Mexico. Last week a shiny yellow 488 GTB was reported stolen by its owner in Mexico – a noteworthy case considering the car is amongst few of its kind in the country.

As luck would have it, police managed to locate the car, abandoned, and with a fresh new black paintjob. Despite the new colour, and a rather dusty appearance the car did not appear to have suffered any damage.

Although the robbery and mysterious recovery is a remarkable case, high-value exotic robberies have increased mildly over the course of the past year. Only two weeks ago a black Lamborghini Huracan Spyder was stolen from a rental company in Switzerland. The Huracan was rented by a woman for a few hours who swiftly drove the car to the UK where the tracking device of the rental car was immediately disabled. Unfortunately the Lamborghini did not make its reappearance in a new colour like its Italian cousin.

Information from @Juan Carlos Huerta Vázquez

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