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Jon Olsson Reveals 810hp Rolls-Royce Wraith

Surely you’ve heard of him, or one of his many ludicrous creations. Jon Olsson, the man behind the epic 900hp RS6 ‘DTM’, the extraordinary Rebellion R2K, or the more recent and phenomenal Lamborghini Huracan. Basically, his record of automotive projects is wonderfully ridiculous, and Olsson has done it again.

The latest addition to the Team Overkill madness is an 810hp Rolls-Royce Wraith. Those of you that watch his spectacular vlogs on YouTube will know Olsson acquired the car a while ago, and has been working on it behind the scenes for some time now. We can say with certainty that the final outcome was well worth the wait.

The engine was customized by Absolute Motors in The Netherlands, and now offers more power than any sane Rolls-Royce owner would need. A customized exhaust system by Quicksilver does the car’s appearance justice by making “George The Rolls” sound as remarkable as it looks. The signature camouflage has made its return of course, though this time the signature ski box has been replaced with a roof cage to transport surf boards instead (jet-powered surf boards no less)! Extra spotlights have also been fitted in the front grill and on the roof case, for an extra rough and rural look.

Check out the complete video here:



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