Another Ferrari 488 Crashes in the UK

Another week another crash.. Seriously though, what is with people crashing Ferrari’s these days? Last week we learned about a Ferrari 488 GTB crash, a particularly special accomplishment considering the supercar had just 69 miles on the odometer and was brand new.

We have no such additional information regarding the crash of this Ferrari 488 Spider. It seems like the driver ran it off the road near a town called Outlane in the UK. Again, to send it out in a field like this you need to be a special kind of driver.

Photos via Examiner

Judging from the photos damage seems to be just cosmetic. The bodywork is certainly repairable, but if anything internal is severely damaged the owner is looking at an entirely different kind of bill. Let’s hope this guy was not driving around uninsured in contrast to the crashed 488 GTB from last week!



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