The upcoming 2018 Aston Martin DB11 with AMG Biturbo engine was recently filmed again testing at the Nürburgring. The V8 version of Aston Martin’s latest GT is expected to be revealed later this year.

The British luxury brand teamed up with Mercedes-AMG in order to expand their DB11 offering. The DB11 that is already on the market features the brand’s in-house developed V12. This is not the first partnership between Aston Martin and Mercedes-AMG. The DB11 already makes use of Mercedes’ electronic architecture and a variety of switchgear, which is also expected to be featured on future Aston Martin models such as the 2018 V8 Vantage.

AMG’s V8 biturbo engine should make the DB11 lighter and facilitate better handling without compromising on performance. However, a difference in emotion and purity of sound compared to the V12 is inevitable, as becomes apparent from the video above.

If using AMG’s V8 becomes a success, it may very well be introduced on the 2018 Aston Martin V8 Vantage as well.


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