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2019 Porsche 911 Reveals Panamera-Like rear in new Spy Shot

Fresh spy shots from the Nürburgring show a near fully uncovered rear of the 2019 Porsche 911 tackling the world famous race track. Whereas the Panamera would normally ‘borrow’ the majority of its design traits from its faster two-door family members, it seems like in this case it’s the other way around where the rear of the 911 clearly resembles that of the new Panamera.

This includes the large automatic air brake spoiler that folds out at higher cruising speeds or when sport plus mode is engaged. In the Panamera the rear spoiler is quite the piece of art, also fully controllable via the center console screen. Judging from the looks of the wing on the 911 in and the underpinning system, it seems likely the spoiler folds away and presents itself in a similar fashion.

The shape and proportions of the 911’s rear end also seem to be quite similar to those of the 2017 Panamera. Even the tailpipes are contained within the rear diffuser, which is also the case with the Panamera. It is however too soon to tell what the final tailpipe design will look like.

The featured photo of this article is courtesy of Wilco Blok Automotive Photography.



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