If you have been paying attention to the news lately you may have noticed that Aston Martin is not doing so well. The luxury brand from the UK needs to make up for $600 million in debt due for next year.

According to CreditSights, Aston Martin has been burning cash ever since 2008 and the negative numbers it recently presented jeopardize the brand’s big revamp of its product range. In order to stay up and running, Aston Martin has funded its debt with repeated capital raising, a recent example being the 200 million pounds it accumulated through an issue of preference shares in 2015.

So far things are looking good for their recently released flagship Aston Martin DB11. The newcomer boosted the brand’s fourth-quarter sales last year by as much as 48 percent became evident from the earnings statement over 2016 presented last month.

“It’s an inflection point after a period of major cash burn,” said Brian Studioso, an analyst at CreditSights in London. “They invested all the new capital to replace their entire portfolio at one go, something that is not sustainable but that they had to do because it had become so stale.”

In order to turn the tables on the present grim financial situation Aston Martin now plans to release one or two new models every year for a timeframe of seven years. It further pledged to extend its offering beyond luxury sports cars such as the lavish Aston Martin Vanquish.

Playing a major role in the plans is the company’s new factory in Wales, which will be responsible for the production of the Aston Martin DBX, an SUV that should be both practical and family-friendly in addition to merely being luxurious and fast. A fully electric version of its Rapide sports coupe is also on the cards and could start production as early as next year.

Exciting times are ahead for Aston Martin and we cannot wait for the new models the brand will soon present us with.

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  1. Well they can always take little Toyota hatchbacks. Rebadge them as A.Ms and make then 4 times more expensive. Oh wait they did that already….


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