Volkswagen Group has acquired 90 % of Ferrari N.V. for a sum of of $13 billion after buying out private shareholders and Exor N.V. Piero Ferrari will still retain his 10% in the company which faces major restructuring in coming weeks.

Speaking to GTspirit, VW’s Chairman of the Board of Management, Matthias Müller said that the deal comes after months of negotiating with Sergio Marchionne who has since resigned from his post as Chairman and CEO of Ferrari. Muller has been trying to get hold of Marchionne since February but the Ferrari CEO has foiled all efforts.

“The discussion to buy out Ferrari has been ongoing ever since the company separated from Fiat S.p.A in 2015,” said Muller. When asked if Marchionne was part of the deal, “Marchionne has proved very hard to deal with, i have no problem working with him, there is a post awaiting him at VW offices and we could use his knowledge to take VW Group to a new level,” he added.

Ferrari has just launched the 812 Superfast which is said to be the last N/A V12 from the Italian car maker. But that could change as VW wishes to keep the image of the prancing horse intact, including the N/A engines for another decade.

Full details of this report can be found on the Volkswagen site here.

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  1. Mr. Marchioness has proved to be boss of all bosses in the automobile industry. When he was hired, Fiat was on the verge of bankruptcy. So were all The other Italian car manufacturers that he managed to buy & revive, including Chrysler. The Agnelli family knew how to entrust him with those revivals. What a fantastic job he has done. He deserves all the accolades available. His decision must be honored.

  2. Breaking news: GTSpritis becomes a serious blog and now they understand a little more than Jalopnik about cars.

    *APRIL FOOLS*!!!!

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  8. “Keep Ferrari intact”…………Believe me it would be a major error to change Ferrari too much…But VDub has done very well with Lambo and Bentley.thus far……..So.


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