We noticed a new trend at the Geneva Motor Show this year – on various world premiere cars an eye catching piece of rubber caught our attention. Turns out Pirelli used the Geneva Motor Show 2017 to present their new colored tires on 8 selected (super)cars from different manufacturers. Initially available in 4 colors – red, yellow, white and silver but eventually customers can order custom sets with choice of over 3,000 Pantone colors.

The colored tires are inspired by the Pirelli F1 tires which have a colored tire wall since Pirelli joined as sole supplier in 2011. For street car series production Pirelli went to a long process of making the coloring durable and long lasting with these colored tires as a result. Initially only available as summer P Zero tires for selected models, Pirelli will add winter tires and more cars to the line-up soon.

Pricing depends on the size and model of car the tires are tailored to. A full set for the Porsche 718 Cayman costs around 1,500 euro up to 4,500 for a set for a Lamborghini Aventador. It is a very bespoke item that can help owners individualize their cars beyond the currently available accessories. The new colored tires can be ordered from March 7th, first deliveries in June. You can find out more at the Pirelli Shop.

The new colored tires are a cool new product that will certainly see high demand from supercar owners globally. We look forward to see the first sets on the road.

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