An all-electric crossover is set to join the BMW i3 city car and BMW i8 sports car in 2021. Badged as i5, the new crossover will be the fourth i-series model once BMW launch the i8 roadster next year.

It was last year when Ian Robertson, BMW’s head of sales and marketing, confirmed the Bavarian automaker was waiting until 2021 to launch their next i product. The main reason BMW is waiting this long to bring out the BMW i5 Crossover is so they can take advantage of the latest and greatest in electric motoring, battery and autonomous driving capabilities, said Robertson.

Recently we came across a very realistic render of what the i5 could look like in a couple of years. In general there is a clear resemblance with its already existing family. Interesting is the top part of the bonnet, which looks like a huge air intake / battery cooling inlet. Proportions of the i5 seem to be relatively similar to those of the already existing i3, the i5 just has a slightly more muscular appearance and has more length to it.

An interesting fact Ian Robertson stated last year regarding the i series was that 80% of the so far 100,000 registered i vehicles were sold to customers new to the brand. What are your thoughts on the design of this i5 Crossover, would it make you switch brands?

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