Lebanon has some great supercars which we have featured here in the past, their Ferrari club for example stands out as one of the most active and largest in the far west of Asia. Then there is the Private Lounge club, an exclusive group of supercar owners who take part in various trips and events in the country. It’s the smallest country in mainland Asia but has one of the highest supercar density per state in the continent, joined of course by the likes of Singapore. Oh, and the car girls from Lebanon are top notch too!

For our photo of the day, we feature what appears to be the first Holy Trinity in the country featuring a Rosso Corsa Ferrari LaFerrari, matt black Porsche 918 Spyder – very few in that factory finish – and a satin black McLaren P1. There is a Ferrari F12tdf in the gallery too, and a 599 GTO just to complete the lineup.

The photos were taken by Anthony Bteich Photography during one of their drives, as said before, these guys are super active. If you are a car guy or photographer planning for a vacation in Western Asia, look no further, Lebanon is your place. Just make sure you hook up with a photographer, there are many of them including Anthony above. There are events each weekend plus you don’t have to worry about the bad weather, yes that’s for you UK guys.

Holy Trinity (13)

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