The brand new Member of the board for research and development at Daimler took on his new position just a few days ago and we had a first opportunity to meet him and get his take on the CES 2017 and where R&D at Mercedes-Benz and Daimler stands.

CES is turning into an auto show as much as it is a consumer electronics show. A lot of technologies are inside cars nowadays.

Strong global R&D network around the world from US to Japan. Daimler is expanding the network with new tech and testing locations including Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is very promising and Daimler is happy to plant a seed there looking for it to expand and to play a major role in technology development for Daimler brands.

Another important new location is Seattle – the center for cloud computing which will play a key role for both consumers and cars.

In the meantime Sindelfingen remains very important for R&D which recently saw the opening of a state-of-the-art crash center. There is also a brand new test track and center on a former military base in Immendingen. This is the first test center of its kind for Daimler and opens up new opportunities for testing of autonomous driving cars.

By 2020 Mercedes-Benz will have 40 unique models including several new models from the new electric EQ brand.

So where is Daimler heading in the future? ‘The base is pretty good’ Kallenius said. But we are aiming to push boundaries for electric cars, autonomous driving and don’t forget performance cars like the upcoming AMG Hypercar.

Stay tuned for more innovations and trends from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the next days!

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