GTspirit had an exclusive look at the second picture of the upcoming Mercedes-AMG Hypercar at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas where new head of R&D Ola Kallenius presented what the future has in store for Mercedes-Benz and the consumers.

The AMG hypercar will be unveiled next year in September at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show and celebrates AMG’s 50th Anniversary. The AMG hypercar is strictly limited – exactly how many cars is not determined yet but Moers aims at between 200 and 300 cars. As it stands the number of interested customers is about to exceed this number so we can expect the full allocation to be sold rather quickly.

Price-wise AMG aims to sell the hypercar for just under 2 million Euro excluding taxes. In Europe that would mean it will retail for around 2.4 million euro. It will be homologated for all markets worldwide.

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