South Korea announced on Monday that three manufacturers, Nissan, BMW and Porsche, had been fined a total of 7.17 billion won ($5.9 million) in connection with the sale of 10 models with “fabricated” emission test documents. The government announced in a statement that six of the models were currently on sale while four have been discontinued.

The news follows the high profile diesel-gate scandal endured by the Volkswagen Group two years ago. The fines follow a record 37.3 billion won ($31 million) fine issued by South Korea against Volkswagen’s local subsidiary in December. In August, South Korea blocked the sale of 80 Volkswagen models for the same reasons.

In August, the South Korean government expanded its investigation into Volkswagen to all foreign car brands, covering 23 companies involving 110 diesel models.

South Korea’s tough stance on the manufacturers of diesel engines don’t stop there. News also filtered out on Monday about a criminal complaint against Nissan’s Korean unit with similar complaints due to be filed against local Volkswagen executives.

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