Following on from yesterday’s news that the Aston Martin Red Bull AM-RB 001 is sold out, we have a few extra details to share with you. The details emerged from an interview conducted by Autralian news site, Motoring with Aston Martin CEO, Andy Palmer.

Among the headline figures discussed during the interview was confirmation that the Aston Martin Red Bull AM-RB 001 will be designed to hit top speeds in excess of 402 km/h (250 mph). This top speed figure is significant for Aston Martin as it will make the AM-RB 001 the fastest Aston Martin in the company’s history!

Palmer confirmed that while the name Aston Martin Red Bull AM-RB 001 seems to have caught on, it is infact an internal designation. By the time the production version is unveiled it will receive a name more in-keeping with Aston Martin tradition.

Other crucial details discussed during the interview include the aimed total weight of just 1,000 kg from this V12-powered monster. The weight goal will be achieved thanks to electronics and pipework routed behind the driver and an extreme focus on efficiency. Coupled with an estimated 1,000 hp, the AM-RB 001 is set to be very rapid indeed.

Design director Martin Reichman also confirmed that the concept is 95 percent final with cooling and airflow yet to be finalised. He states that small cameras integrated into the A-pillars will replace traditional wing mirrors, something we’ve seen in concepts of the past but have yet to realise in production-ready vehicles.

As for that V12, Reichman confirmed that it will be an all-new, naturally aspirated unit with displacement between 6 and 7 litres and the ability to rev to 9,500 rpm. The V will sit lower than ever before with a wider angle thanks to the increased width of the car. Aston Martin will favour a single-clutch sequential gearbox from Xtrac together with a flat-plane crank.

The hybrid element of the package will consist of an 80hp (60kW) KERS boost system which should be enough to start the car and to offer limited low speed travel. Finally, it has been revealed that the whole car is carbon and titanium with no steel components. Read the full interview here.



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