The Mercedes-AMG GT-R pricing was covertly released recently via the Mercedes-AMG configurator which lists the starting price at 165,410.00 euro for the German market. Deducting taxes, we calculate that the base price will be 139,000 euros with

The Mercedes-AMG GT-S retails at 135,303 euros with German taxes while the Mercedes-AMG GT gets a 116,382 euro ticket price. The Mercedes-AMG GT-R’s direct comparator seems to be the Jaguar F-Type SVR which retails at 138,400 euros. Buyers of the AMG GT-R will get more power and performance for the additional money.

The Mercedes-AMG GT-R gets the Night Package included as standard. This adds black interior trim pieces for the interior and shift paddles. Alcantara comes as standard while body coloured stitching costs extra. Carbon fibre trim pieces will also set you back 1,761.20 euros.

AMG track preparation is another option. For an additional 1,963.50 euros, AMG will install roll bars and a 4-point racing harness. Carbon ceramic brakes also attract and a further cost.

Colours are limited to black unless you plan on incurring extra cost (which we expect most customers do…). Four colours are available at 1,178.10 euros, these are the cheapest options. Those funky Solarbeam and Green Hell Magno colours we saw at launch will set you back an eye watering 8,687 euros.

All-in once we finished playing with the configurator, our bill was 206,619.70 euros. In the interest of comparing the two, we specced a similar level of equipment to the F-Type SVR and came in at 168,277 euros.

Spec your own Mercedes-AMG GT-R by following the embedded link to the Mercedes-AMG GT-R Configurator!

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