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LA Auto Show 2016: Divergent Blade – World’s first 3D Printed Supercar

We saw the Divergent Blade at Pebble Beach earlier this year. The concept of a 3d printed car is therefore, nothing new to us! The Divergent team were back at the LA Auto Show 2016 with an updated version of the show car’s chassis. We took a closer look at this unique supercar!

There is surprisingly little to say about the Divergent Blade. The company have been quite liberal with the details, dispute assuring us that the car can be road registered and will go into production. Cost will be in Koenigsegg price range and production will be limited to 200 units.

For that, customers will get a car which puts out around 700hp from a 3d printed 3.0 litre V8. Divergent will use a mix of 3d printed aluminium, titanium and carbon fibre to produce components and performance is expected to be around the 2.5 second mark to 100 km/h.

The main aim of the Divergent Blade is something other than a very cool supercar concept though. The company are hoping to promote and sell their 3d printing tech to other manufacturers. With a view to revolutionising production lines across the world. It remains to be seen whether manufacturers will indeed start to utilise 3d printing. The advantages and disadvantages are quite plain to see through the Divergent Blade concept.

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