A very rare Porsche 930 Turbo S was stolen in Hamburg Pöseldorf, Germany yesterday. The car was one of only 10 units produced for French car importer “Sonauto” in 1989, it was the very last unit of this limited production run. The owners of the car, Neidfaktor GmbH, have put a reward of €30,000 to any person with useful information leading to the retrieval of the car.

While Porsche only made 21 930 Turbo S Works cars, Sonauto still managed to push for an extra 10 cars as a way to celebrate the final year of the 930 Turbo. The cars were not exactly the same as the Works Turbo S models, infact, they carried a lot more than what you would find on a ‘normal’ Turbo S. All ten units were painted in black over black leather seats with grey stripes, these seats were lifted directly from the Porsche 959.

The powertrain featured a 930/66S engine producing 385hp. Porsche also fitted an array of prototype units on this car. Other features include a 4 pot exhaust, turbo badge delete as well as the limited edition plaque.

Keep an eye out for this special car, let’s show these miserable thieves what the automotive world is capable of!

Message to the thieves: Just shoot yourselves, ***holes!

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