Now the 2016 Paris Motor Show is basically over, the first officials and upcoming reveals for CES 2017 in Las Vegas are already popping up. One of the first is the ‘Rinspeed Oasis Concept’.

“A rolling oasis of ideas in the automotive desert”, that is how Swiss car visionary Frank M. Rinderknecht envisions his latest creation, hinting at a clear connection with the location where the annual tech exhibition is held: Las Vegas.

From the outside the small urban vehicle wouldn’t look misplaced on the Las Vegas strip either. Its futuristic looks and bright color scheme are a great match for some of the extravagant buildings that make up the casino city’s distinctive skyline.

Making perfect use of its proportions, the concept car’s turning circle has an almost zero radius. The creators like to compare it to the R2D2 buddy of Star Wars. As a disclaimer the company behind the Oasis concept emphasizes that their creation is much more a car of the ‘next generation’ than for example Google’s self-driving cars.

The urban concept’s interior is supposed to represent a new living space and boast the ambiance of a modern-day living room. It features an actual armchair, sideboard, TV and comes with a multifunctional steering wheel. On top of that the relatively large windshield also function as a screen, for both virtual as well as augmented reality.

The car is aiming at future trends by acknowledging the reducing sense of ownership. The company says: “Oasis can be commuting or shopping car in the morning, act as a “micro delivery vehicle” for urban parcel services in the afternoon, and be a pizza taxi on the evening drive home. This is made possible by a clever code-protected “drawer” in the rear, which can also be cooled or heated as needed.”

And when you think you’ve seen it all, Rinderknecht felt the need to integrate a more tangible example of the word ‘oasis’ with the concept car. A small green space below the windscreen allows for growing flowers or radishes, no kidding. Do you feel inspired yet?

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