A brief and well informed media presentation was held in Mexico City during the official unveiling of the all new Aston Martin DB11 which replaces the DB9 as the brand’s flagship GT. We were invited however to the VIP Launch Party among the most loyal customers and VIPs from Aston Martin México.

Presented at Geneva 2016 this vehicle represents one of -if not the single- greatest leap forward for the auto maker in the last decade, not only as the fastest DB series car ever built but also as the first V12 engine to have a twin turbos bolted onto it. Technology is also present in various applications such as torque vectoring or the start-stop system, but what caught our eye the most was how different the interior looks from it predecessor.

Thanks to their recent partnership with Daimler, drivers are now greeted by a TFT LCD display as part of the instrument cluster in 12 inches and rich colors. There’s also a smaller central 8 inch screen for the infotainment system and as an option the car they unveiled came equipped with a touchpad which makes the human-vehicle interaction much easier than ever before. Although all these features are obviously sourced from Daimler, they’re perfectly matched with a premium quality leatherwork worthy of an Englishman’s luxury GT.

Every bit of the vehicle looks solid and assembled to perfection, the profound looking paint is an immaculate work of art and let’s not forget the engine noise which -despite the turbos- is still glorious as it should be; the block is a 600+ hp 5.2 litre in-house creation. When it comes to boot space, I was told the DB11 can fit two sets of golf clubs without a problem, so I tested it myself… by getting into the actual boot. Sorry, not sorry.

A luxurious and exclusive unveiling couldn’t be any better than this, with the only DB11 currently in Latin America at the spotlight, and representatives from both the Aston Martin Corporate and Aston Martin México involved with their guests in a one on one tour of the vehicle and its characteristics.

That same weekend we got the chance to attend a rolling presentation with several members from the Aston Martin Owners Club in México as well as a couple other guests that were interested in the driving dynamics of the new DB11. Even though the dealer hasn’t confirmed any numbers, it is said that the first three DB11s for México were ordered even before the unveiling!

Be sure to keep an eye on our feed, soon we will have the whole DB11 review and much more graphic material of this amazing new Aston.

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