Brabus sister company Startech, a Bentley tuning specialist, finally got their hands on the recently launched luxury British SUV and gave it a full makeover. Startech is the first tuning firm to ‘refine’ the Bentley Bentayga.

What immediately jumps the eye from the outside perspective is a custom widebody kit. Both front and rear bumpers entirely replace the stock body parts and are said to improve the car’s drag coefficient. All the individual components that make up the aerodynamic widebody kit are further said to be entirely modular, meaning that they can be customized at will. For example, the front and rear can get an even more extreme look with sweeping custom fender flares.

Another funky custom feature are the integrated LED lights in the rear diffusor, inspired by the F1 warning lights. It serves as a rear fog light and back-up light. To keep things on the practical side, Startech can optionally stick on a custom trailer hitch that blends in with the custom rear bumper.

Optional are the massive 23-inch forged wheels and a new sports exhaust with valve control. To match the new bodykit, the ride height of the Bentayga can also be lowered by up to 25 millimeters. Both the custom lightweight wheels and lowered ride height should give the Bentayga better handling capabilities and potentially leave room for a performance upgrade. Startech indeed confirmed that it’s currently working on a performance boost for the massive V12 but didn’t release when we could expect it.

Finally the interior can also be fully customized to one’s personal taste. Startech has a huge in-house upholstery shop shared with the massive Brabus factory. While the Bentayga is considered to be fairly luxurious already, the sky is the limit for many customers and Startech meets demand by offering custom scuff plates with backlit Startech logo, velour floor mats, custom paint jobs and aluminum trims, alcantara and contrast stiching, and custom wood decor among many other options.

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