Hamilton has won the Formula 1 Hungarian GP 2016 and by doing so he has also claimed the overall lead in the championship, this is his fifth win of the season. The Hungarian GP marked the halfway point of the season, the race remained dry and the world champion managed to lead from start to finish.

Nico Rosberg finished second, a position he retained throughout the race as well, Ricciardo claimed third for Red Bull while Vettel came in fourth for Ferrari. An awesome battle between Raikkonen and Verstappen unfolded towards the end of the race, eventually it was the young Dutch who crossed the finish line in fifth leading the second Ferrari.

Hungarian GP 2016 Results

1. Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes
2. Nico Rosberg – Mercedes
3. Daniel Ricciardo – Red Bull
4. Sebastian Vettel – Ferrari
5. Max Verstappen – Red Bull
6. Kimi Raikkonen – Ferrari
7. Fernando Alonso – McLaren
8. Carlos Sainz – Toro Rosso
9. Valtteri Bottas – Williams F1
10. Nico Hulkenberg – Force India

The Formula 1 Hungarian GP marks its 32nd edition this weekend and is one of the oldest Grands Prix in history. First held in 1936, the Hungarian GP has been part of the FIA Formula 1 calendar since 1986. Both Hamilton and Michael Schumacher have the highest number of wins at four while McLaren leads the manufacturer category with 11 wins, followed by Williams F1 with 7 wins.

There was no rain today, and we had a formation lap unlike the previous race where a safety car led the way. Rosberg started from P1 but Hamilton was quick to get away after turn 1, and completed the first lap with a 1s lead over his teammate.

Button was the first to hit problems today, he was slowing down on lap 6 before his team radioed him saying, “Do not shift, do not shift – we’ve lost hydraulic pressure,” and while the Brit prepared to come in, he was told to keep going. “A race from hell this is going to be!” was his response.

“I’m driving like a grandma.” Verstappen said over the radio, the Red Bull driver was running fourth and nearly 5s off the lead on lap 10/70. Vettel was the first to pit among the leaders and rejoined on new softs in eighth place. Ricciardo also made his first stop, followed by Hamilton and Verstappen. Likewise, Rosberg made his stop and rejoined on new softs just like all the leaders.

After 17 laps, Hamilton led the race away from Rosberg, Ricciardo, Vettel, Raikkonen, Verstappen, Perez, Palmer and Magnussen.

On lap 26 Mercedes was urging Hamilton to pick up his pace a bit, the Brit was only 1.3s ahead of Rosberg albeit both drivers were lapping slower than Ricciardo and Vettel behind. Kvyat meanwhile, was handed a five-seconds penalty for speeding on the pit lanes. After picking up new super soft tires, Raikkonen smashed a 1m24.254s lap to set the fastest time of the race on lap 33/70. Ricciardo then pitted and picked up a set of softs, he rejoined between Verstappen and Raikkonen in fifth place.

Both Hamilton and Vettel pitted from the front on lap 41, the stops were good enough for the Mercedes to rejoin in second while the Ferrari rejoined in fifth behind Ricciardo and Raikkonen. Rosberg made his stop straight after, and Hamilton claimed the lead again, the German rejoined well ahead of his rivals in second place.

Kvyat pitted to serve his five-second penalty and that instantly promoted Palmer to 10th place but the Renault man did not last long as he spun and dropped back to 13th.

Verstappen was the next driver to receive track limits warnings, and his team was quick to inform him. “Max, track limits at Turn 4, that’s two warnings now Max, two warnings.” Alonso also received his third and final track warning just after Verstappen.

Drama unfolded on lap 57 when Raikkonen clipped the back of Verstappen at turn 2, carbon fiber flew in the air but both drivers proceeded with the race. “He pulled off to the right and then back to the left as I was going there!” said an angry Raikkonen.

“Kimi is going out of the track limits” that was Verstappen reporting the Ferrari driver with less than 10 laps left in the race.

The positions remained pretty much the same as Hamilton claimed the Hungarian GP 2016 win, and the lead in the championship. The season also marked its halfway point in this round.

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