Well-known BMW tuner G-Power has debuted their new tuning program for the F85 BMW X5, offering 650hp, 700hp and 750hp options.

G-Power’s Stage 1 kit for the latest X5 M boosts output of the SUV’s twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 with a ‘Bi-Tronik’ engine remap and dyno tune. The Stage 2 kit adds the ‘V2’ version of the software along with stainless steel downpipes for additional 50hp.

The Stage 3 kit includes those parts plus larger turbine and compressor wheels for the twin-turbochargers, as the stock units are “are on the limit of their flow capability,” at such high power levels. Two rear silencers and four 100 mm diameter tailpipes further reduce backpressure and also help shed 23 kg of weight.

In Stage 3 tune, the G Power BMW X5 M will complete a quarter-mile 11.5 seconds and reach a VMax verified top sped of over 300km/h. To help cope with the added performance, G Power also offers RS coilover suspension and 23-inch ‘Hurricane’ lightweight alloy wheels.

Further details are available through G Power’s website.

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