Top Gear Season 23 Episode 6 is the final episode in the newly revamped car show, bringing an end to the first season of Extra Gear as well. The episode will star the new 2017 Honda NSX, Ford Mustang EcoBoost and with Patrick Dempsey highlighting the guest list.

With mixed reviews among millions of viewers across the globe, Top Gear Season 23 has managed to withstand both high expectations, at a time when its former hosts are getting ready for the premiere of The Grand Tour. The season also ends at a time when Top Gear America was cancelled on History.

Top Gear Season 23 Episode 6

Top Gear Season 23 finale will see Chris Harris take on the new Honda NSX which has so far received positive reviews from various media. With a 3.5 liter twin turbocharged V6 and 3 electric motors, the new NSX has a power output in excess of 580 hp. Expect the usual hooning from Harris on a car that has been dubbed better than the Ferrari 458 Italia.

Elsewhere, Chris Evans will be reporting on a feature about Resto Mods, with the Abingdon Special’ MGB Roadster taking the center stage. Rory Reid on the other hand will be travelling to Scotland to test the new Ford Mustang EcoBoost, pitting it against the classic Mustang.

To end Top Gear Season 23 Episode 6 in style, Matt LeBlanc will be driving the new Porsche 911 R – a limited edition and hardcore version of the GT3 RS which ultimately lacks the massive aero aids of the RS model, but seen as the most driver focused 911 on the market. Deliveries of the new 911 R have already began in various parts of Europe.

Patrick Dempsey and Greg Davies will be on the guest list to drive the Mini Cooper on the redesigned Top Gear test track. Catch Top Gear Season 23 Episode 6 on BBC 2 and BBC 2 HD at 8 pm, followed by Top Gear Extra on BBC iPlayer and BBC 3.

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