Recently the Pagani Huayra BC underwent some serious cold weather testing at the Arctic Circle in Northern Scandinavia. The tests of driver safety systems were carried out by Pagani’s long-time partner and behemoth auto part manufacturer Bosch. These particular tests concerned the by Bosch produced ABS system and ESP system specifically.

Pagani Huayra BC (1)

The tests were carried out near Swedish town Arjeplog, a small industrial town in the far North of Swedish Lapland that is completely taken over by the likes of car brands in winter. The severe cold that freezes the region during winter time proofs to be an excellent and reliable test case for almost any car manufacturer, explaining the many bases and testing centers in the region.

At the time these photos were taken of the Pagani Huayra BC making its way over the icy lakes and snowy roads, the thermometer read -20 degrees celsius. The 750 hp hand-built Italian hyper car was thoroughly put through its paces over a period of two weeks. The experienced team from Bosch aren’t unfamiliar with subjecting cars to these extreme winter conditions, although development engineer Jorge Jauregui said this was quite a different case. “Getting more than 750 hp under control on the snow is a special challenge, even for me. It’s not something I do every day.”

Pagani relies on Bosch for the driving safety and braking control systems used on its Huayra and Huayra BC vehicles. “The philosophy of our vehicles is a combination between Art and Science, Technology and Design, Performance and uncompromising safety. Bosch Engineering has been our partner for a number of years now in this endeavor,” says Horacio Pagani, founder of Italian hypercar manufacturer Pagani Automobili.

Here is a full gallery for you to enjoy, showing how the V12-powered Pagani Huayra BC eats snow and makes its way across the ice. For those of you interested, an official video was released of the cold weather tests not too long ago.

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