Slovenian exhaust specialist Akrapovic just released it’s latest titanium exhaust system for the Mercedes-AMG C63! The new three valve system is the second system launched for AMG cars and features Akrapovic’s latest active-x connection.

The result is an exhaust system that enhances the sound of the 4 liter V8 found in the C63 with the ultimate goal to give it the sound of a engine with more displacement. Thanks to adjustable flaps in the tail pipes as well as a flap in the X connection the driver can chose between three different sound levels and styles. From the base V8 sound in comfort mode to a full bodied baritone V8 sound in Sport. The flaps open fully in Sport+ mode which not only raises the volume but thanks to the closed flap in the active X also the color of the sound to one full of thunder. Most performance exhausts come with flaps nowadays but they usually have only two options: open or closed. By being able to play with the speed of opening / closing the flaps and adjust the percentage of opening and closing in combination with an additional flap in the X where the left and right exhaust pipes cross, Akrapovic is able to create multiple sound profiles that can be enabled with the driving profiles of the car or the Akrapovic remote.

Akrapovic engineers spent 8 months developing this system and thanks to the use of extremely light titanium the system is 13 kg lighter (that is 45%) than the stock AMG exhaust. The Akrapovic exhaust for the Mercedes-AMG C63 also adds additional performance: +8hp and +28Nm of torque. Now watch the video above and hear the new Akrapovic system for the C63 AMG in action for the first time. The Akrapovic dealer near you can provide more information about pricing and availability.

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