Bugatti has taken their latest and greatest hypercar, the Chiron, to the 2016 edition of the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The Chiron is one of the most anticipated cars of 2016 and it looks absolutely stunning in black on the Goodwood grounds.

The Bugatti Chiron use the same W16 engine as the Veyron. Bugatti have spent 300 hours in the wind tunnel and completed more than 500,000 test kilometres. They have used up more than 200 sets of tyres.

The Chiron produces 1,500 hp from an eight-litre W16 engine, completely redesigned for a 25 percent power boost. The intake tube, the charge air system and the chain housing are all made of carbon fibre.

The Chiron uses four higher-performance turbochargers and duplex fuel injection with 32 injectors. Increased cooling allows 60,000 litres of air per minute to be pumped through the engine. Coolant pumps can circulates 800 litres of water through the engine in a single minute. The Chiron gets a titanium exhaust system.

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