McLaren is reportedly working on an all-electric P1 that will sit below the P1 in terms of McLaren’s line-up.

According to reports, this all-electric P1 will be cheaper than the current P1 and will go on sale before the end of the decade. As with the P1, the all-electric version will be a track-focused road car.

The electric P1 will have a faster 0-60 mph time than the Super Series 675LT and could hit 200 mph. If it does hit 200 mph it will be the first road-going electric production car to hit such a top speed.

The electric P1 will not be a replacement or successor to the P1 as many have wondered. McLaren has been vocal in stating that they will not make a P1.5.

The new all-electric P1 will reportedly be unveiled within the next 4-5 years. We will keep you posted as we hear more.


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