Ford is reportedly working on plans to bring 1,000 more Focus RS models to the UK due to high demand.

The initial UK allocation of 4,000 cars is already sold out according to Ford. As such, the brand is working hard to bring an additional 1,000 models to UK shores in order to meet higher than expected demand.

In order to bring these 1,000 new models to the UK, Ford will have to re-allocate stock from other European countries. This is due to the fact that their German factory which produces the RS is already working at maximum capacity.

Ford has confirmed that interested buyers can continue to place orders for an RS, although they will likely be waiting a while for their car. Reports have suggested an 8-month waiting period from order to delivery. Some are reporting waits even longer than that.

The new Mk3 RS has sold twice as many units as the Mk2 in the UK during the same period of time.

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