In December last year Mercedes-Benz extended the S-Class family with the addition of the S400 4MATIC Coupé. With the introduction of the S400, the S-Class Coupé alone is available in six different versions, the S400 4Matic being the new entry-level model and the almighty V12 S65 being the range topper. We recently got the chance to experience the new car on a trip from the Netherlands to Denmark and back.

The S400 is the first S Coupe that comes with a V6 engine. The car is powered by the same 3.0 liter twin-turbo found in other Mercedes-Benz models, such as the C450 AMG and the new SL450. The V6 engine has a rated output of 367hp (270kw) and generates peak torque of 500 Nm. Despite a weight of 1935 kg the S400 does 0-100km/h in a very respectable 5.6 seconds. Top speed is limited to an electronic 250 km/h. Unlike the S500 and S63, the S400 is only available in 4Matic guise.

Driving Experience
We begin our journey at the Mercedes-Benz NL headquarters. Not knowing what the car would look like beforehand we got very excited when we saw a beautiful metallic anthracite blue S400 with crème white interior awaiting us. The car was almost fully specced, coming with the full AMG-package that includes 20 inch wheels and Swarovski crystals in the headlights. With a 750 km long trip taking us towards the southern part of Denmark, it gave us plenty of time to see what the S400 is all about.

Despite filling it to the brim with luggage, we still noticed how comfortable it was in the cabin. The optional contour seats with full massage function and lateral support were a real joy to sit in. Even sitting in the back was relatively comfortable and relaxing. All passengers in our trip were around 1.85m tall and even in the back we all had ample leg room.

On the highway the car showed itself to be the perfect cruiser. With lane assist activated and the well-known distronic plus system switched on, the car did most of the work for us as the kilometers ticked away. When stepping on the gas we were treated to a proper V6 engine tone and whilst at cruising speeds the car was remarkably silent.

On our first gas stop alongside the German Autobahn we got a surprising amount of attention. Even though the car has been on the market for almost two years and the S-class limousine is a very common car in Germany, the S-coupe proved to be a real attention grabber with its sporty exterior and AMG package. On a number of occasions we were not the only ones taking photos of the car. We continued our journey towards our destination and after a comfortable cruise on the German Autobahn we arrived at our hotel for the week. With some nice photo locations planned complemented with a few nice drives between them we certainly got the chance to test the car on some curvy and more challenging roads.

Our first location was ‘Odense’, the third largest city in Denmark. During the two hour drive we found ourselves on some nice twisty roads which gave us a good chance to test Sport mode. When in Sport mode the suspension stiffens, the car is more responsive on the gas and the gearbox stays higher up in the rev band. The contour seats give great support when cornering in higher speeds and makes sure you stay planted and comfortable.
Although the car gets noticeable more agile you still get the feeling you’re dealing with a big heavy car (almost 2000 kg) which is more luxury based than a true sports car.

Driving through Odense we once again notice the S400 is a real head-turner. Several smiles and thumbs up were thrown up at us. Another great feature which comes in handy is the 360 camera. This allowed us to park he car easily in small parking spots in the city.

After taking some photos in Odense during the day, we decide to drive back to the hotel via Kolding where we found a really nice castle.

Upon arrival it turned out to be the perfect photo location and the evening scheme made the true beauty and elegance of the car really shine. After finishing the shoot we opted to grab a quick meal and drive back to our hotel in Højer. After our dinner it was already dark and we activated the adaptive full-LED headlights for the last stage of our drive. The system gives you great visibility and automatically attenuates the lights when an oncoming vehicle approaches to prevent them from being blinded. The car is also fitted with the optional night vision assistant. Once activated, the digital odometer makes room for the night vision camera which gives a great image of the road ahead of you, especially the final stage where there were no streets lights.

The next day we took it easy and explored the area around our hotel. Being located near the beach, we figured it would be nice to take some photos during the sunset.
Some locals tipped us about a place nearby where it could be possible to enter the beach with the car.

We drove to the location the next day and we found ourselves in a surreal situation where the road led us straight up to the beach. We even got the opportunity to drive right up to the ocean water. With several cars getting stuck in the loose sand, the 4Matic performed terrific and not once did we lose traction. Once again we are the star of the show with lots people coming over to take a look while shooting the car.

The next day it is time head back home. With distronic plus and lane assist once again activated we smoothly cruised back home and our adventure come to an end.

It is safe to say we are big fans of the S Coupé. After experiencing the V8 version last year we can say we like the V6 just as much. The power output from the V6 is not as spectacular as you get from the V8, but the sound and performance are more than reasonable for the luxury coupé. An advantage of the V6 is the lower fuel consumption (we were able to reach 12l/100km over 2500 km) and with prices starting just under €100,000 in Germany you get a nicely specced V6 for the same price as a basic S500 coupé.

What to spec
In our eyes the AMG package is a real must on the Coupé. The front bumper, side skirts and rear bumper from the AMG package gives the car a more sportier look and in combination with a nice set of rims the exterior is a real eye-catcher. We also prefer the sportier and more compact AMG steering wheel. Other options which have to be selected on the option list are the distronic plus system and the heads-up display.

We really liked the Adaptive full-LED headlights as well. When choosing these you’re assured of great vision at night whilst also being prevented from blinding other road users due to the intelligent system which automatically adapts the lights for you when traffic is approaching.

Maybe a bit over the top, but the luxury contour seats with massage option are definitely worth considering as well. Big comfortable seats suit the car perfectly and will definitely make long trips more pleasant.


The S400 Coupé showed itself to be a perfect long distance cruiser with an abundance of luxury and plenty of power for the more sporty driving style. It’s elegant design combined with the more aggressive AMG styling make it one of the best looking cars on the market today. If it’s power you’re looking for, you might considering going for the S500 of even the S63/S65 AMG. If a comfortable luxury grand tourer is what you’re looking for the S400 is the car for you.

We would like to thank Mercedes-Benz DE and Mercedes-Benz NL for making this this trip possible.

Mercedes-Benz S400 Coupe shoot (7)

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2016-mercedes-benz-s400-coupe-reviewIn December last year Mercedes-Benz extended the S-Class family with the addition of the S400 4MATIC Coupé. With the introduction of the S400, the S-Class Coupé alone is available in six different versions, the S400 4Matic being the new entry-level model and the almighty...


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