Range Rover was kind enough to invite us to a press drive of their new Range Rover SVAutobiography flagship model. So we headed to Castle Hohenkammern in Bavaria to take it for a spin.

Range Rover positions themselves as a high quality car manufacturer for off-road vehicles which in this case actually works off-road. After a decent redesign of the car and many structural changes like the all aluminum monocoque chassis- which by the way made the car 420 kg lighter in total than it’s predecessor, the SVAutobiography was born by it’s newly created department of Special Vehicles Operations.

The car we drove was equipped with the magnificent all aluminum 5.0 liter supercharged V8 engine which puts 550 horsepower to the wheels and produces 680nm of torque. The same engine block is also used for the Range Rover Sport SVR. Top speed is limited to 250 km/h and 0-100 is reached after 5.4 seconds. For a car of this size, the number is pretty impressive. However – sitting inside you barely get the feeling of being that fast due to the amount of luxury, high quality leather and their good work to keep most of the outside noises actually outside. The only noises that will get inside are the lovely exhaust crackles which everyone seems to demand when buying a car nowadays.

The paddles behind the steering wheel grant direct access to the mighty ZF eight-speed automatic gearbox which changes gears very fast. Left in automatic the car seems to immediately respond to your desires on the road.

The SVAutobiography is a big step forward in terms of quality and ride comfort, but see for yourself in our video review above.


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